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Month: September 2010

High Powered Seattle Criminal Lawyer Pleads Guilty to DUI

Good grief. How I hope that headline is never about me.

Instead, it was referring to my old friend and colleague, Anne Bremner. She and I go waaaay back. When I was still a law student at Stanford, she worked in the campus coffee house, where I would go to study my contracts, torts, and other assorted boring non criminal law topics. Anne was an undergrad at Stanford. I vaguely remembered her when she approached me years later in the King County Courthouse in Seattle, me a young criminal defense attorney working for the public defenders office, Anne a hard charging prosecutor. The Stanford connection can be strong, but with one of us righteously defending the innocent, falsely accused of crimes which they did not commit, and the other locking up all the bad guys and throwing away the key, there was a tad bit of tension in the air when we first reconnected…

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