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Month: September 2013

Drug Crimes and Federal Prosecutors in Western Washington, Seattle, and King County

Seattle, King County, Oak Harbor, Island County, Defense Attorney Discusses the Realities of Federal Prosecution of Drug Crimes.

Federal prosecutors and law enforcement dominate the prosecution of drug crimes. Conspiracy to Distribute Controlled Substance Indictments are their magic weapon in the war on drugs. Why? Simple: Mandatory Minimum Sentences. These draconian punishment tools are their stock in trade. Criminal defense attorneys, especially experienced criminal defense attorneys, have been accomplices in this miscarriage of justice, forced to play along with a system that treats due process and equal protection like annoying trifles. Here’s how it works…

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The Basic Requirements that Must Be Established Before a Breath Test MAY be Admissible in Seattle, King County, Oak Harbor, Island County, and Western Washington

Basic Admissibility Requirements for Breath Tests in Seattle, King County, Oak Harbor, Island County, Western Washington: Major law enforcement campaigns exist to enforce DUI laws.…

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Using the Law of Self-Defense to Defend Against No Contact Order Violations

Attack the No Contact Order Itself to Defend Against A No Contact Order Violation in Oak Harbor, Seattle, Whidbey Island

Courts issue no contact orders while criminal cases are pending. For example, former NBA player and Eastern Washington University coach Craig Ehlo had a no contact order issued which prohibited him from contacting his wife and kids this summer. It has become common place for courts to issue no contact orders where domestic violence allegations exist. However, because no contact orders are issued on a regular basis, and because they are common place, oftentimes legal issues may be overlooked by prosecutors, defense attorneys, and even the courts at times.

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Criminal Harassment, Due Process, and Freedom of Speech in Seattle, Oak Harbor, and on Whidbey Island

Whidbey Island, Oak Harbor, and Seattle Attorney Discusses What Is Not “Harassment.”

Police officers might feel that certain conduct is “harassing.” Law enforcement may cite individuals for “harassment.” A complaining witness might feel or say that they are being “harassed.” But the truth is that what constitutes “harassment” is limited.

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