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Month: August 2014

Evolution of Search and Seizure Law: Blood Draws in DUI (Part 1)

search and seizure - blood drawsAny warrantless search or seizure is presumed unlawful aside from a few jealously guarded exceptions. Traditional exceptions include but are not limited to (1) consent; (2) incident to arrest; (3) hot pursuit; and (4) exigent circumstances.

Exigent circumstances concern situations where there is an emergency where obtaining a warrant is impossible or impracticable. Exigent circumstances may exist where there is a risk of immediate destruction of evidence or imminent danger of substantial injury where police must act quickly and have no time to get a warrant.

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Lawyer Confidentiality Matters

Lawyer Confidentiality Matters - Seattle Criminal Lawyer Blog

I am sitting at one of my favorite spots in Ballard on a beautiful summer afternoon.

Miro Tea. It’s great because the wi-fi is fast, it’s quiet, and you can sit on the sidewalk and work away while everyone else strolls by being relaxed. Since college I have loved working in this type of environment. Hey, it got me into Stanford Law School. So say what you will.

Years ago, it was the noisier the better, but these days I prefer the quiet click click click of bloggers blogging and soccer moms posting on Facebook to the loud rock-n-roll of my youth. It’s too distracting now when I am trying to do real work. But there’s a problem.

The problem, ironically, is that there is some lame lawyer sitting right next to me, practically screaming supposedly confidential advice into his cell phone for all of us to hear. In case any of us wonder why he would do such a thing, it might be relevant that he is saying the words “Lawyer” and “Court” over and over. And over. Gosh. He must be a lawyer.

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