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Month: July 2015

Cops Gone Wild! …Again!!

Cops Gone Wild - Again - Seattle Criminal Lawyer Blog

I’ve had it.

For some reason that video, the one with idiot cops screaming about blowing a hole in the poor guy’s head, got to me. No, the victim wasn’t black. And no, he was not actually shot and killed. But maybe that’s the issue. There was nothing else going on with this one other than the fact that the cop was a complete jerk.

Which, unfortunately, is simply too often the case. Of course this is the part where I am supposed to point out how wonderful most cops are and how this is just one bad apple. But, I am sick of saying that. Why? Because it is total politically correct nonsense that we are basically forced to say and I refuse to keep playing that game. It is a lie.

We are forced to say that because we don’t want to alienate people or lose potential clients by simply speaking the truth. Not to mention that there really are plenty of nice decent police officers; but why is it whenever I meet one, they seem like such a breath of fresh air? Such an anomaly? Oh, yeah, I remember now. It is because they are the EXCEPTION, not the rule. Take my word for it. I know.

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“Mandos” and How They Violate The U.S. Constitution

Mandos Violate the Constitution - Seattle Criminal Lawyer Blog

Before we start, I have a small secret to share.

Those of you who regularly follow this blog will have noticed that I sort of disappeared the past few weeks. That’s because I was having open-heart surgery and recovering. Recovery is going OK, but it sort of took the wind out of my sails for a bit. I mean, it’s hard to get too excited about Supreme Court opinions, no matter what they involve, when you are looking at life and death issues up close and personal.

Which is why I’d like to thank John Oliver for helping me to get back in the saddle. His recent piece on Mandatory Minimum Prison Sentences (i.e. “mandos”) hit every mark and has motivated me to chime in.

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Why Doesn’t the U.S. Supreme Court Believe in the First Amendment??


Supreme Court - First Amendment - Seattle Criminal Lawyer Blog

I wrote this piece some time ago but never got around to posting it. However, given the fact that so many people were interested in the workings of the Supreme Court when I blogged about that last week, it seemed especially relevant. Lots of people apparently want and need information about the Supreme Court so that they can weigh in on what they think about the work that goes on there.

The fact is that thousands of people read my little old post about the Supreme Court, but only 500 or so of them would ever be able to actually see the Court in action, and they would have had to travel to Washington D.C. and wait in line for days to be able to be there. In today’s world of instant video coverage and tweeting from accident scenes, that just seems wrong. It is at least out of keeping with the times.

I realize that watching the Supreme Court on TV is not exactly a red-hot blog topic. The issue of why the Supreme Court arguments are not broadcast for the public to view may be more boring than cops shooting people or Jihadi terrorists or kids being harassed by creeps in parks, but it is at least as important. More so really.

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The Nature of War and The Confederate Flag

Nature of War - Confederate Flag - Seattle Criminal Lawyer Blog

I have been following the Confederate Flag issue closely and resisting the temptation to comment. However, I wanted to share a true story that happened to me to put this issue into perspective. But before I do, I also wanted to state my position on this. To me, this whole thing is about War. Period. Don’t get me wrong; I totally understand the debate about whether the Confederate flag represents the Glorious Past of the South or whether it symbolizes the Evils of Slavery. I also understand that there are differences of opinion about the War and what caused it. I get that some from the South see it as a rural agrarian culture going up against an Industrialized North, and to some extent I can sympathize with that view.

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