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Month: September 2015

The Curious Caper of the Clock-Bomb, Texas Racism, and a Boy Called Mohamed

Mohamed - Clock Bomb - Seattle Criminal Lawyer Blog

“Can you say Racial Profiling? Strike that. Can you say Blatant Racism??” This was my original thought for an intro to a post about what happened to that high school kid in Texas, Ahmed Mohamed, who was arrested for possessing a clock. Actually, it was worse than that. It looked as if he was arrested because his name was Mohamed.

Or so it seemed. Now it’s not so clear what was really going on here. That is very typical in my work; criminal cases are so often not as simple as they seem at first, especially when everyone rushes to judgment. My job is to dig down into the facts to unravel what really happened. We criminal lawyers find ourselves going down the rabbit hole of analysis, curious about what we might find there. Mohamed’s situation provides a perfect way to illustrate this.

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Let’s Hear it for the PD’s!

Let's Hear it for the PD's - Public Defenders - Seattle Criminal Lawyer Blog

Well, here I go again. Saying nice things. I know that is practically illegal to do online, but I promise to get more critical soon. Frankly, my main source for topics has previously been mainstream media, but since the only thing they seem capable of talking about right now is Donald Trump, and since I refuse to get into politics, it leaves me kind of high and dry.

So for now, I want to give another big shout out to all public defenders. It may seem odd for a private lawyer, like me, to root for people who are basically in competition with me. However in reality, there are two types of private criminal defense lawyers: those who criticize public defenders and those who know better. I am firmly in the latter group.

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“Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?”

Why Can't We All Just Get Along - Seattle Criminal Lawyer Blog

That has to be one of the World’s most Ironic Quotes Ever.

It came from Rodney King, who was in the middle of two of the most notorious violent episodes in the 90’s. First, his own videotaped beating at the hands of some of LAPD’s finest. Second, the riots caused when those same cops were acquitted of that beating and South Central Los Angeles erupted in violence.

But who better to ask the question? Why CAN’T we all just get along?

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