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Category: Police Brutality

Cops Get Away With Murder… Or Not (the Fleeing Felon Rule)

Cops Get Away with Murder - The Fleeing Felon Rule - Seattle Criminal Lawyer BlogFinally. A cop is being treated like any normal citizen.

Well, almost. It took a real live caught-in-the-act video to make this happen. The common thread in the so-called “expert” analysis is that if Officer Slager had not been caught on tape he never would have been charged.

I’m a bit frustrated that my last post got lost in the tech wilderness. I wrote it several days before this horrible incident happened in North Charleston. If it had posted before this shooting it would have looked like a prediction. But, then again, who wants to predict someone being killed?

However, I do have a prediction about this case that will probably surprise you.

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iPhones Cause Police Brutality

iPhones Cause Police Brutality - Seattle Criminal Lawyer Blog

It’s official. Cell phones cause police brutality.

Incredible how that works. Just start shooting video and there they are, beating people to death, sitting on their chests until they suffocate, even gunning them down.

It’s like bad magic.

Just kidding. Except I’m really not. Because there is nothing funny about any of this. The sad truth is that police have been getting away with this behavior forever, but until the advent of cell phones, making virtually everyone a potential on the scene TV reporter, nobody believed it.

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Washington Criminal Defense Attorneys focus on Police Brutality in Seattle

Seattle Police BrutalityMembers of the Washington Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys (WACDL) are all buzzing over an article in the Seattle Times today that the U.S. Department of Justice is investigating the Seattle Police Department regarding their “use of force” policies and treatment of minorities. “About time!” is the comment that pretty much sums up the opinion of most experienced Seattle criminal defense attorneys.

I could not agree more.

Not long ago I was in Island County Superior supervising the felony caseload when an African American defendant had the audacity to appear in court. He and his family were the only people of color in the room. His public defender was making a brilliant argument for his client’s release from jail pending his jury trial.

Never mind that this particular defendant had a ton of prior felony convictions and was looking at serious prison time if convicted. That is not the point. The point is that his lawyer was doing an exemplary job advocating and protecting his client’s constitutional rights, including, above all, the right to be presumed innocent. (After all, it is far more likely that an African American citizen in Island County with a criminal record will be falsely arrested and prosecuted than a white guy like me with no criminal record… it is the other side of the coin when it comes to who is likely to become a suspect.)

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