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Category: Racism

The End of Racism… and Politics

end of racism and politics - Seattle Criminal Lawyer Blog

Political parties can be a problem.

For example, one party has portrayed itself as defenders of racism and discrimination. They have taken the position that it is OK to treat certain members of society differently, as lesser humans. To them, it has been acceptable to take away the constitutional rights of these outcasts.

The other political party has adopted a more enlightened view. They have supported freedom and civil rights for everyone. They have argued that we should all be treated the same by the government, not allowing some to be categorized as inferior to the majority, with less freedom and fewer rights. That party is the Republican Party.

This was the view 150 years ago. Where is it now?


The Curious Caper of the Clock-Bomb, Texas Racism, and a Boy Called Mohamed

Mohamed - Clock Bomb - Seattle Criminal Lawyer Blog

“Can you say Racial Profiling? Strike that. Can you say Blatant Racism??” This was my original thought for an intro to a post about what happened to that high school kid in Texas, Ahmed Mohamed, who was arrested for possessing a clock. Actually, it was worse than that. It looked as if he was arrested because his name was Mohamed.

Or so it seemed. Now it’s not so clear what was really going on here. That is very typical in my work; criminal cases are so often not as simple as they seem at first, especially when everyone rushes to judgment. My job is to dig down into the facts to unravel what really happened. We criminal lawyers find ourselves going down the rabbit hole of analysis, curious about what we might find there. Mohamed’s situation provides a perfect way to illustrate this.

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ISIS Thwarted by Police - Rahim - Seattle Criminal Lawyer Blog

Although it is never a happy event when someone is gunned down, at first I was almost pleased when I heard the news about the Boston Police ‘taking out’ what appeared to be a dangerous terrorist about to commit some heinous violent crime. But then I did some research. And, as usual, once I had a chance to investigate and actually think about the available evidence, I was confused, which makes me curious about what other people think.

There it was all over CNN.  Dangerous ISIS terrorist pulls giant knife on Boston Police, who were innocently just trying to talk to him, before they are forced to gun him down in self defense!  Wow. Finally. A righteous example of police protecting the public.

Or not, as the case may be.

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To Play the Race Card or Not to Play the Race Card? That is the Question.

The Race Card - Seattle Criminal Lawyer Blog

This again?

I had not planned on talking more about this issue but after being asked some really interesting questions I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It gets so complicated. The best question was whether it is EVER possible to “play the race card”? Of course it is. The problem is that for every time someone “plays the race card” you have twenty people accusing them of playing the race card without justification. Which is the entire problem.

Quite frankly, I personally believe that most people who accuse someone of playing the race card are probably racist at some level, if not overtly, then subconsciously. At the very least, they do not have a very nuanced worldview.

However, since playing the race card has come to mean falsely accusing someone of being a racist, then saying someone is “playing the race card” when they are calling an actual racist a racist is to falsely accuse someone of falsely accusing someone of being racist. Everything turns into this crazy fuzzy pretzel logic where you have people falsely accusing people of falsely accusing people of things, which ties in nicely with my experience practicing criminal law, since that is the world I live in every day.

False accusations. Or not, as the case may be.

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The Race Card

The Race Card - Trolls - Seattle Criminal Lawyer Blog

Since I am relatively new to this whole blogging thing I am still learning. I have a lot to learn.

For example, until recently I thought trolls were only something you found in scary fairy tales. But I am getting lots of random nasty comments from sad people with nothing to do all day other than spew venom online. I don’t have time for that type of thing.

I am way too busy working my tail off trying to help people solve their legal problems, being a good father and husband, shopping for groceries and cooking and cleaning and everything else it takes to lead a productive successful life. And, occasionally, having a little fun doing this stuff.

But spew at people I don’t know? Why on earth would I ever want to do that? I have a life. So, I don’t.

That said… heh heh… although they are called trolls I think they should be called Neanderthals. Cave men. That’s because they must be living in caves to think some of the things they think. And to have time to do what they do.

I mean, I have a view to keep me occupied.

In particular these cave dwellers like to say things like: “Way to play the Race Card!” Hmm. I always have to scratch my head when I hear people talk about the “Race Card”. I am not sure what they mean.

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Richard Sherman: A True Story of American Racism

Richard Sherman - A True Story of American Racism - Seattle Criminal Lawyer Blog
Seahawks at Redskins 10/6/14

Huh?  Let me explain.

I love Richard Sherman. He’s a kind of a hero to me.

I’m standing in the Oak Harbor Walmart, the only place to buy Seahawks t-shirts on Whidbey Island. There are three choices: Marshawn Lynch, The Beast, that Caterpillar bulldozer of strength, calling my name. Russell Wilson, Mr. Perfect, and who can argue with that?

And then there’s Sherman. The loud-mouthed Stanford guy who speaks his mind and speaks the truth as he sees it and consequences be damned… especially when they take the form of racist idiots who just don’t get that a kid from Compton might actually be smart enough to graduate from the best University in the World, and even manage to earn his Masters Degree while still playing college ball.

My kinda guy. I grab a #25 and head for the check out stand.

‘Sherm’ was universally reviled when he dared to show some emotion after playing a key role in Seattle’s huge victory in the NFC Championship over San Francisco a year ago, when he deflected a last second potentially game winning pass, before the Seahawks went on to trounce Denver 43-8 in the Superbowl.

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