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Tag: Assault

Structure and Rules and What Happened in Montana

Structure and rules, fairly applied, hold our society together. They save us from chaos and injustice.

You can have structure and rules, but without fairness it doesn’t work. Just think Nazi Germany.  You can have fairness, but without structure it fails. Woodstock may have been a few days of communal fun, but after a week or two the lack of organization (people crashing without paying, no food, etc.) it would have been an unbearable mess.

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What is Assault, Anyway?

I want to begin by thanking Donald Trump’s campaign manager. Just when I was wondering what new legal issues were floating around that were relevant to criminal law, there it was. Assault! Campaign Aides Gone Wild! Or not…

Which is what this is going to be about:

What, exactly, happened in that video that is all over TV news shows this week, showing some sort of physical altercation between Trump’s campaign manager and a reporter?

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Seattle – Assault in the First Degree

Assault in the First Degree at Mukilteo FestivalThe Seattle Times recently reported on a Mount Vernon man charged with Assault in the First Degree in Mukilteo due to an incident at the Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival. The Seattle newspaper reported that the individual ran onto the stage with a knife and “attacked” a member of a band performing on stage. The Seattle Times article covering the legal matter raises several legal issues with respect to assault, attempted murder, and the admissibility of evidence.



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