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Tag: First Amendment

I love the Witness Organization.

Witness Organization - Recording Police - Seattle Criminal Lawyer Blog

I LOVE the Witness organization. Founded by Peter Gabriel, their mission is to help people create valid and admissible videotapes of wrongdoing by authorities. How can that not be great? It is totally turning everything on its head. Watching the people watching us. In a way that works.


My initial reservation is the one I have expressed previously: When cops are misbehaving it might be better to just do what they say rather than it risk your life. You are just as dead right as you are dead wrong and so on.

Still, when it works, it is wonderful. And, as I noted in my last post, it can cut both ways. In the now infamous Officer Slager shooting of Mr. Scott in North Charleston, it may even provide a defense for Slager, depending on the other evidence that exists.

Cameras are inherently neutral witnesses after all.

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Criminal Harassment, Due Process, and Freedom of Speech in Seattle, Oak Harbor, and on Whidbey Island

Whidbey Island, Oak Harbor, and Seattle Attorney Discusses What Is Not “Harassment.”

Police officers might feel that certain conduct is “harassing.” Law enforcement may cite individuals for “harassment.” A complaining witness might feel or say that they are being “harassed.” But the truth is that what constitutes “harassment” is limited.

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