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Au Revoir to ISIS

Au Revoir to ISIS - Seattle Criminal Lawyer Blog

Paris. Je t’adore. I love Paris.

When the news broke I was lost. Lost in this crazy lost world. A world that has lost its friggin’ mind. Paris? Seriously? Even the stoner guy checking me out at the QFC, the one who was unable to follow directions to find a restaurant a block away when I tried to tell him about it once, even he said, “Paris? Dude! What did they do? I mean, I thought they were pretty chill.”

This guy’s view of world affairs may be a bit misinformed (since France has been involved in fighting in the Middle East and North Africa forever) but he was right. Paris is about life, not death.



ISIS Thwarted by Police - Rahim - Seattle Criminal Lawyer Blog

Although it is never a happy event when someone is gunned down, at first I was almost pleased when I heard the news about the Boston Police ‘taking out’ what appeared to be a dangerous terrorist about to commit some heinous violent crime. But then I did some research. And, as usual, once I had a chance to investigate and actually think about the available evidence, I was confused, which makes me curious about what other people think.

There it was all over CNN.  Dangerous ISIS terrorist pulls giant knife on Boston Police, who were innocently just trying to talk to him, before they are forced to gun him down in self defense!  Wow. Finally. A righteous example of police protecting the public.

Or not, as the case may be.

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