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Tag: Police Brutality

“Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?”

Why Can't We All Just Get Along - Seattle Criminal Lawyer Blog

That has to be one of the World’s most Ironic Quotes Ever.

It came from Rodney King, who was in the middle of two of the most notorious violent episodes in the 90’s. First, his own videotaped beating at the hands of some of LAPD’s finest. Second, the riots caused when those same cops were acquitted of that beating and South Central Los Angeles erupted in violence.

But who better to ask the question? Why CAN’T we all just get along?

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iPhones Cause Police Brutality

iPhones Cause Police Brutality - Seattle Criminal Lawyer Blog

It’s official. Cell phones cause police brutality.

Incredible how that works. Just start shooting video and there they are, beating people to death, sitting on their chests until they suffocate, even gunning them down.

It’s like bad magic.

Just kidding. Except I’m really not. Because there is nothing funny about any of this. The sad truth is that police have been getting away with this behavior forever, but until the advent of cell phones, making virtually everyone a potential on the scene TV reporter, nobody believed it.

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